A How-To Card for the Traffic Cone Bag

CLICK TO ENLARGE: a How-To card with gray silhouettes
Retail visionary Rachel Schectman asked me to consign a handful of my Traffic Cone Bags to her Chelsea concept store, Story. Sweet! Story prides itself on curating locally conceived and manufactured designs, each with its own unique tale of the unexpected. And how more local (and unexpected) can you get than the multiple-personality, Made in the Garment District Traffic Cone Bag? 

Up until now the TCB has only been sold in person and from my informal online store page, helped by a YouTube video and blog. So how do you effectively explain the bag's many incarnations when store staff may be busy demonstrating any of the hundreds of other objects of desire on other shelves?

Dave Singer stylin' with his personal Traffic Cone Bag
"You probably need a step-by-step card," suggested Rachel. So here it is. I enlisted the help of designer David Singer whose portfolio reveals a penchant for pictograms - the perfect way to demonstrate the product in an "airline seat pocket card" format.

We ended up with a stalemate of two designs, using black silhouettes or gray silhouettes. The card with black silhouettes has more dramatic impact, and I notice David has chosen this for his portfolio.  The card with gray silhouettes shows the bag in its true color, black. Both work, but which do you prefer?

CLICK TO ENLARGE: How To card with black silhouettes
A cut down version


  1. I'd say stick to the gray silouettes as it enables you to accurately depict the dual-color nature of the bag. The black bag on gray works well... nice card design! Btw, I love my bag... it's been all over the country already. Holding up nicely!

    1. Oliver that's great to hear. I'm now looking at this reply 4 years later - how zit holding up?

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