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Stayin' alive, stayin' alive: Lightweights Reflectors Starter Sheet

UPDATE! As of Nov 2010 the Traffic Cone Bag comes standard with this 3M Scotchlite Strip . But you can still add these reflectors for even more bling. Read on .. For those who ride at night and want more visibility than their blinky light attached to the convenient elastic loop, I carry a small supply of Lightweights Reflector  'starter sets'. These are unpackaged single sheets of 16 ovals that you can arrange however you like. Here, I've used the entire sheet to make this flower pattern. You rub each down through its paper backing oval with a fingernail. Finally you peel off the paper backing, then dry iron briefly through a sheet of baking paper. The Lightweights starter sheet I sell for $5.   I'm feeling generous and will probably throw in 2 sheets until I run out.  Presto! Stayin' alive, stayin' alive ... Of course, you can attach them to the black side instead, but why would a minimalist metrosexual want to do that? They also go great