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Fashion Week: Put it in reverse and let's ride, please!

You can't tell a NYer how to look fashionable in Fashion Week - it's black and black. It's Fashion Week (Sep 13-19) - everyone wants to be seen - so how come I couldn't convince Lynne to wear her TCB orange side out when biking?   "I like it black!" she says, jumping on her folding bike after coming to my Chelsea Rec yoga class then eating a killer pad thai at Cafe Zemi. Looks like you can't take the black out of the NYer ...  Fortunately, the little loop for the blinky light on the orange side is elastic and stretchy, and can be flipped over the lip of the bag to light up the black side, as she has done in the pic above.  But the bag was meant for stayin' alive, and that's what both the orange color + elastic loop for your blinky light + the optional Lightweights reflectors are for.  Read my  TCB Night Visibility  rant. The Power of Two: I put all my stuff in an inner bag - a TCB in black mode - and pop it inside the larger TCB in orange mo