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The Joy of Carry-On: how to stuff 8 countries in a Traffic Cone Bag

  No suitcase, no carry on. Just the Traffic Cone Bag (okay, and a foldable tote).  How far can you go with a Traffic Cone Bag and nothing else? I set myself the challenge in a 8-country art "scavenger hunt" - in the dead of winter - and survived all 12+ days without smelling terrible.  That's right, all of the above items either went in the Traffic Cone Bag, or went on me. With a little help from a pocket MUJI nylon tote to carry crushables - like a bit of food.  The secret of course, is your outer garments effectively become part of your luggage - think pockets, layers, and more layers... and the color black.  Read about my dual challenge on my ChelseaGallerista blog: The Damien Hirst Spot Challenge meets the Traffic Cone Bag Challenge