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TCB News for August 2009

Y ep, guys like it to - Doug Faunt shows off his all-matching TCB look. Best thing is, if he decided to ditch the orange jacket, he'd still be seen ... Hi TCB folks, Bicycle bags are de rigueur, clearly! Take a look at this article 1. One of my Bike Friday customers, Angelo Zinna, would love to see a picture of a dog wearing, or being carried in, a TCB for his site: I told him I'd ask the folks who actually bought the bag, so if you can get your schnauzer's snout artfully noosed in the drawstring neck or carrying your stuff, be my guest! cc me too. 2. I have a handful of the current design remaining before switching to a new, more waterproof, ANSI standard material I've finally managed to source, thanks to Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics in Idaho. It's more the color of fresh squeeze orange juice - um, irradiated to high heaven. Although waterproof sounds "better". you have to remember you'