TCB News for August 2009

Yep, guys like it to - Doug Faunt shows off his all-matching TCB look. Best thing is, if he decided to ditch the orange jacket, he'd still be seen ...

Hi TCB folks,

Bicycle bags are de rigueur, clearly! Take a look at this article

1. One of my Bike Friday customers, Angelo Zinna, would love to see a picture of a dog wearing, or being carried in, a TCB for his site:
I told him I'd ask the folks who actually bought the bag, so if you can get your schnauzer's snout artfully noosed in the drawstring neck or carrying your stuff, be my guest! cc me too.

2. I have a handful of the current design remaining before switching to a new, more waterproof, ANSI standard material I've finally managed to source, thanks to Outdoor Wilderness Fabrics in Idaho. It's more the color of fresh squeeze orange juice - um, irradiated to high heaven. Although waterproof sounds "better". you have to remember you're trading off breathability. For wear against the body, its better that it's not like a plastic bag. Which is why I didn't got buy Ortlieb impermeable orange material or something ballistic like that.

3. I recommend getting a second one (and no, I'm not going to retire in Belize because you bought another one) - because when using it daily it's handy to have your stuff in the orange one, and slip the black one over it for dress use without emptying the stuff out. (Of course, you can always put your stuff in an inner bag too). This action creates another set of compartments, and you can use it as a spare bag in case you blow out at WholePayCheck, sorry, WholeFoods. If you want a second one I will sell it to you at 20% off, that's $40 not $50, just to be nice and since you already drank the Kool Aid.

4. The new ones will be ready in September. I will try to offer them at the same price even though the new fabric is more expensive. Any feedback as to improvements - please send them along. As long as they don't cost an arm and a leg I'll see what I can do - but this is Made in 'Merica. My sewing lady Caroline had to move to a smaller studio space because she could not pay the rent on her current Garment District office - so you really are giving someone a livelihood.

5. Improvements: I'm going to beg Caroline to cauterize the ends of the straps before they're joined so they don't fray. She didn't think this was necessary but I do. And also, to secure them with a black stitch or two to the channel so the join doesn't swing around to the openings at the sides. This improvement was done in the last batch, and is easily done with a needle and thread yourself if that's happening to yours. Ask me if you need advice on that.

6. Please post any comments you have at or write to me.

Stand by! Oh, yeah, buy it here.


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