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Stayin' alive in the Bahamas with the TCB

Someone's gotta do it! The traffic is nutty so my TCB gave me a sense of security, false or otherwise. See Bike Friday in the Bahamas for the scoop. Below, the TCB married with a hippy dippy string top, circa when-I-was-twenty-something. That's the beauty of a simple, black bag - dress it up or down as you need. Here, I believe I have a Timbuktu cellphone holder velcroed around the straps. The most common customer comment ? "I use it every day." I was also fortunate to meet the CEO of John Hardy jewelry and hear the story of how his baubles really are made with the greater good in mind. His company is the biggest foreign employer in Bali, structures labor so that mother and grandmothers can work from home and not have to pay for childcare, and pays workers a decent living wage. The idea being, stimulate the local economy while making a beautiful thing. Read about it on my Galfromdownunder Upover blog.