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The TCB gets 4 stars in!

The TCB reviewed by the legendary Jim Langley, bicycle aficionado and all-round nice guy: REVIEW of the TCB in How much of a coup is this? Let me tell you - you're talking to a readership of 63,000 largely male, largely hardcore roadies, many of whom wouldn't carry so much as a spare tube let alone the air to fill it if they flatted mid-sprint.  RBR's resident mirthman Scott Martin ("Scott's Spin") wrote about this breed some time ago in his hilarious In the Bag  piece. Excerpt: *Minimalist*. Seat bag contains: ---1 tube with valve cap and stem nut removed to save weight ---1 tire iron ---1 glueless patch ---1 CO2 cartridge (or mini-pump not exceeding 2.5 inches in length) Motto: "Don't you know how much a hex wrench weighs?" *Leech*. Seat bag contains: ---Nothing. Doesn't use seat bag. Ruins bike's "pro" look. Motto: "Thanks for the tube. I'll pay you back on