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It's a snap!

UPDATE August 2012: All Traffic Cone Bags now come with this  new engraved Traffic Cone Snap : UPDATE, October 2011 All Traffic Cone Bags now come with this metal snap: The original snap - a ring: BLACK SNAP (standard, if you don't specify). The new, discreet snap closure. The fabric of the bag fills the centre of the snap.  This may well come back to bite me on the butt, but I'm allowing you to specify whether you want an orange, silver or black visible ring for your snap ON THE BLACK SIDE (on the orange side it will always be orange). The default is black. Let me know when you order . Silver snap. Orange snap. (The following information - now superceded as of October 2012 - is about the former button and open ring snaps)  "Small things amuse small minds," my father use to say. Well forgive me for my gnat-sized cerebellum today, but  I'm excited about the new snaps I've been putting on my bag - by hand. The original