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Snappy new snap (with a story) for the Traffic Cone Bag

The new snap applied to the large Traffic Cone Bag Thanks to Serena at Assunta for these - a first look at the new snaps. The orange one goes on the orange side.  It's one small step for a factory in China, one giant leap for the kaizen of the Traffic Cone Bag: these new, engraved snaps featuring a TRAFFIC CONE will soon replace the current plain snap on the small and large TCB's. Thanks to Beijing-based Serena Assunta Store , I was able to get just 1000 of these made, which is considered a very small quantity - the minimum is usually 10,000. I did of course pay a premium for the smaller quantity, but I'm of the "need to have" mentality - though it crossed my mind to empty 10,000 in the bathtub, dive in and pretend I was in that Powerball ad ... So why China, when I've been saying all along, New York, New York, if I can make it here, I'll not make it elsewhere ? As I have learned in this little project, it is almost impossible to get small