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A How-To Card for the Traffic Cone Bag

CLICK TO ENLARGE: a How-To card with gray silhouettes Retail visionary Rachel Schectman asked me to consign a handful of my Traffic Cone Bags to her Chelsea concept store,  Story . Sweet! Story prides itself on curating locally conceived and manufactured designs, each with its own unique tale of the unexpected. And how more local (and unexpected) can you get than the multiple-personality,  Made in the Garment District Traffic Cone Bag?  Up until now the TCB has only been sold in person and from my informal online store page , helped by a YouTube video and blog. So how do you effectively explain the bag's many incarnations when store staff may be busy demonstrating any of the hundreds of other objects of desire on other shelves? Dave Singer stylin' with his personal Traffic Cone Bag "You probably need a step-by-step card," suggested Rachel. So here it is. I enlisted the help of designer David Singer whose portfolio reveals a penchant for pictograms

"It's my iBag!" Review by Preston Tyree, League of American Bicyclists

VIDEO: Preston hamming it up with his iPad, Bike Friday and  Traffic Cone Bag Read Preston's review League of American Bicyclists Education Director Preston Tyree has been toting his Traffic Cone Bag since 2010. He uses it to get to and from meetings in safety and sartorial style, and finds it useful for carrying his iPad and keyboard. "It's my iBag!" he proclaims in the above clip, shot during a LAB Bike Ed program I attended in Albuquerque . "The bag is great. It doesn't look like a iPad carry bag so I don't feel so exposed when I am carrying it ... " He's since written  this review of the Traffic Cone Bag on his new blog, Cyclist in the Lane . Muchas gracias, Preston!  Preston stayin' alive, stayin' alive with his Traffic Cone Bag (size large)   VIDEO: Check out Preston's bike handling skills