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Citibike: Is that a helmet in your TCB (or are you just pleased to ride with me?)

Is that a helmet in your Traffic Cone Bag?  With the Citibike bikeshare program taking New York by storm, I've discovered a new use for the Traffic Cone Bag: carrying your helmet AND stayin' alive! Despite being a DFNC (double folder no car) gal I have joined the Citibike program , as I described in detail on my Galfromdownunder Upover blog . What's not to love about a ride-it-and-ditch-it personal cab for just $ 95 155/year?' But what to do about helmets? Some places are renting them out  - does a lice protector come with that? The problem is, helmet rental stations are not situated at the bike stations, but somewhere else, compromising that "convenience" factor. Carrying a helmet isn't convenient either, which is why many Citibikers have been riding without them. I confess I've ridden bareheaded a number of times while scurrying across town. Downunder,  the mandatory helmet law is killing the Melbourne Bikeshare scheme . So if you deci