The TCB gets 4 stars in!

The TCB reviewed by the legendary Jim Langley, bicycle aficionado and all-round nice guy:

REVIEW of the TCB in

How much of a coup is this? Let me tell you - you're talking to a readership of 63,000 largely male, largely hardcore roadies, many of whom wouldn't carry so much as a spare tube let alone the air to fill it if they flatted mid-sprint.  RBR's resident mirthman Scott Martin ("Scott's Spin") wrote about this breed some time ago in his hilarious In the Bag piece. Excerpt:

*Minimalist*. Seat bag contains: ---1 tube with valve cap and stem nut removed to save weight ---1 tire iron ---1 glueless patch ---1 CO2 cartridge (or mini-pump not exceeding 2.5 inches in length) Motto: "Don't you know how much a hex wrench weighs?"
*Leech*. Seat bag contains: ---Nothing. Doesn't use seat bag. Ruins bike's "pro" look. Motto: "Thanks for the tube. I'll pay you back on the next ride." Read the rest
To address the "Not!" about limited capacity - both small and large bags comfortably hold a helmet. But it's not supposed to carry a life support system - just an errand-support system. You can actually put one inside the other and create even more "pocket space".

Quite a few of Lon Haldeman's PACTOUR riders now sport a TCB at Desert Camp. "We can spot 'em from the support van a mile away." 
But what about the times you're not in training, but simply heading out for a more leisurely spin or to get something?  What if you commute? And what about the many RoadBikeRideHER readers? Yes, there are hardcore roadie women to, but we women have lives off the bike - and we like stuff that is useful, unobtrusive, multifunctional, and uh, a little bit sexy, please.

The RBR editors, faithful to their cause, were initially leery of my little bag. Indeed, there are smaller, lighter, cheaper or completely free backpacks out there, usually with some ugly graphic on it and cords that cut into your shoulders. Yes there are ones that are orange. Yes there are ones that are black. Yes there are ones that are completely waterproof, even though statistically most people avoid intentionally riding in the rain. But not many of them do most of the above things so simply and stylishly.

The TCB is a minimalist, versatile little bag that screams "Share the road/path" when you want it to, and reverses to a stealth black when you don't (board meetings, red carpet functions).

It's handmade made by Caroline Fu in her tiny workshop in the NY Garment District rabbit warren, thus stimulating the local economy.

Read about Caroline on my post: New York, New York, If I can Make It There, I'll Not Make It Elsewhere

You can get Caroline to sew you a nice jacket like she did for Denzel Washington in An American Gangster, or a meticulously detailed dress like she did when she headed up Ralph Lauren's cutting room - before everything got outsourced to China and she and others lost their jobs. Call her on (917) 660-4673 (NYC).

Right: Guys like it too! Art Hellebusch from Kentucky with a TCB on PAC Tour Desert Camp 2010. Read about amazing Stage 4 cancer survivor Art here and here

Here's League of American Bicyclists Education Director Preston Tyree talking about his Traffic Cone "iBag":

And here's Ciclismo Classico founder Lauren Hefferon modeling it at 15 mph:

Remind yourself of how the TCB works by watching the original TrafficConeBag demo movie featuring's David Lam.

As you can see, there's a loop at the top for your blinky light for night riding, but if you add a sprinkling of the optional Lightweights reflectors in whatever trippy pattern you want you're good to be seen on the darkest night:

Thank you to reviewer and former Bicycling Magazine senior editor, Jim Langley, who must have convinced RBR it's What Wheel Women Want. Who is Jim Langley? The legendary bicycle aficionado and all-round nice guy:

Buy a TCB here


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