Stayin' Alive, stayin' alive ... new Scotchlite strip is here

Just in time for Christmas 2010: the latest incarnation of the TCB now sports a life-saving scotchlite strip for safe travels in low light (like, way past your bedtime).
The strip is actually centered on neon orange grosgrain ribbon, which blends nicely with the screaming neon orange polyester. Caroline insists that she needs to sew 4 rows of stitching to do it right, when I was pretty sure the two outer ones would suffice, but hey, never argue with an expert!
Pair it with your blinky light on the elastic loop, and you're hot to trot in the darkest night (with your dark knight).
Of course, you can add even more life-saving bling to your TCB with iron-on Lightweights. I sell a starter sheet. You can stick them on your helmet, bike and other bling-starved accoutrements. The second shot below shows them applied to my original prototype TCB circa 2007 in a whimsical flower pattern:
The reason I don't sell it like this - men may object. So iron 'em on in whatever pattern you want yourself, OK?

Lightweights added to helmet and an original TCB from way back (no pockets)

Lightweights starter set
I recently did a special commission for some New York Cycle Club folks. Special Scotchlite jobs like this are a little involved but can be done:
Placing the 3M Scotchlite custom logo prior to heatpressing. 

Earlier version TCB didn't have the central Scotchlite strip

The price of the TCB with scotchlite strip will remain the same for 2010, as a special introductory offer. Buy a handy TCB, stay visible on the road, stylish at night (yes, it's reversible to black in case you missed that detail) and support the local economy.

Note: Remember that the TCB can also be used for walking and running. Runners can unclip the straps and cross them over the chest to make the bag sit closer and not flop around.


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