Traffic Cone Bag (TM) in a New York state of mind

So far, TCB customers have sent along plenty of shots of the bag in orange mode, but few in black mode. So I thought I'd fill the void. This shot was taken in the lobby of the Standard Hotel, Chelsea, Manhattan. The dress is a Wolford Fatal tube - the perfect travelin' gal's glamor gear - imagine the leg one very black stocking for one very corpulent person, cut with scissors at the thigh and ankle, and that's pretty much the Wolford Fatale. As you can see, the TCB in black mode blends right in. It could (should?) be teamed with this getup in the 'musette' or 'little shoulder bag' mode.

"I used the musette mode when I went to the opera" ventured Melanie (above), last seen with her TCB helping out at the Bike Friday booth for Escape New York, Sep 2009 - watch for Lindsay Lauder talking about this security feature at 1:10 min into the movie on that link.

A whole new version will appear 1 October 2009: an inch wider all round, 2" deeper black pocket, 2" deeper orange dual pocket, 3/4" straps (were 1/2"), and a new ANSI orange more waterproof fabric.

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