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Small Traffic Cone Bag: Little bag, big capacity

The Small Traffic Cone Bag can neatly stow three 1-liter cartons of my favorite poison: Zico Coconut water from Trader Joe's

In a previous post, Double Bagging: Why two Traffic Cone Bags are better than one I talked about how handy it is to carry two TCB's, one inside the other, for those unplanned side trips to the grocery store.

The other day I ran out to teach my yoga class with just my small Traffic Cone Bag, in its svelte little-black-dress mode from my soiree the night before. After class, I remembered I was out of my favorite hydration medium, coconut water.

Of course, like many Trader Joe's shoppers I go in there for 1 thing and come out with ten, including three rounds of samples in my belly. And I have to walk five long blocks home, so to protect one's rotator cuff one should distribute groceries as evenly as possible, and avoid carrying one ginormous heavy bag on one shoulder, which can lead to back twinges like I experienced in 2009.

The small Traffic Cone Bag has surprising capacity for its slim size. To carry my favorite drink back home I took stuff out and repacked it like so:

Stack the three liters neatly along the side that you will put against your back. 
Viola! I'm carrying the capacity of a camel but who'd know?
Stack the three liters neatly along the side that you will put against your back. It can be either the side with the orange pockets (if empty) or the opposite side. Then repack the rest of the stuff in the remaining area. I always carry my favorite ultra-packable Aspesi packable nylon blazer in the event of an Arctic cold snap, so that gets slid down there to provide a little padding. Close up the bag and start walking! The other groceries were nice and light in the tiny MUJI fold-up nylon tote I always carry as well. See the carrying capacity of the TCB in action on my recent 8-country tour.

Buy the Traffic Cone Bag: small, large, or both - you get a break for buying two ...


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