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Q: How to you make a minimalist bag? A: Start with a piece of fabric and take away everything that's not bag

Today a friend was pick-pocketed in the subway - her stylish, backpack-style purse was zipped opened and her wallet taken, "first time in 25 years living in NYC."

Stuff in zippered compartments on your back is asking to be robbed.

The Traffic Cone Bag, worn with the black pocket against your back and closed tight, is "lite" security by design - light fingers can't get at your stuff without slashing it with a knife.
It's all part of designing only what you have to, or "minimalist design."

I learned something about this from my advertising days at Saatchi:

Q: How do you carve an elephant from a block of wood?
A: Take a block of wood and remove everything that's not elephant.

Minimalist industrial design has always been my first love.

When designing this bag to be 'everything you need and nothing you don't', I found myself re-thinking the actual wearing process, and how that interaction with the body might influence the design.

For exam…