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Traffic Cone Bag: Made in the Garment District, New York

After numerous false starts my Traffic Cone Bag has finally gotten a green light.

Traffic Cone Bag Central

Making it in NYC article on

It's being made in the famous yet increasingly impoverished Garment District of New York City - at a non-sweatshop price.

"This use to be the fashion capital of America," said Caroline, who's made clothes for some big names in couture including Calvin Klein, Baby Phat and Tracey Reese.

Like many immigrants she worked her way up from scratch to supervising a large cutting room staff and knowing every computerized cutting machine in the business. Then she was laid off.

"The fashion companies shipped everything offshore, fired everyone - now look what's happened."

The "now look" she's referring to isn't the latest way to team a sarong with a business suit and get away with it.

It's the slump in the clothing sector – the very people who are meant to buy those clothes – the American pu…